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Cheap Jamaica holidays all inclusive

Have you ever wished to experience holidays in a tropical paradise such as the ones in movies and magazines? That's a wish that comes true the minute you step off the plane. Pristine beaches, palm trees, sunshine, music and exotic wildlife make an all inclusive Jamaica holiday an incredible experience. Walk the beaches and swim in the crystal clear waters, those ones you’ve been dreaming about! A cheap holiday at the beaches of Negril, Ocho Rios or Falmouth is well worth considering. Find out more about cheap holidays in Jamaica today from the experts at Purple Travel.


The laid back resort of Negril, adorned with endless white sand beaches and stunning settings all over is the place to stay if you are looking to unwind with an all inclusive holiday to Jamaica. Home to the stunning 7 mile beach, Negril is a place where tropical paradise gets a whole new meaning and if you are a fan of watersports you will be even happier. Surf or kitesurf on the waves, ride canoes and jet skis or sail around some of the best waters the island has to offer.

Ocho Rios 

The northern Ocho Rios resort is arguably the best place to explore the beauty of Jamaica’s nature. Home to rainforests, rivers and the renowned Dunns River Falls, this resort has a striking mix of inland and shore attractions guaranteed to make you want to stay forever on holidays in Jamaica. Reggae music blasts from the surrounding beach bars and the overall vibe is something that has to be lived to be believed.


One of Jamaica’s most unique destinations, Falmouth is the capital of the Northern Trelawny parish and home to the best preserved Georgian town in the Caribbean. Explore the Green Grotto Caves or ride horseback along Northern Jamaica’s spectacular natural settings. The proximity to the Martha Brae River makes this a great place for adventure seekers and the surrounding area provides for everything you might need in terms of entertainment, shopping and nightlife.

Montego Bay 

Montego Bay is known as one of the most important and wonderful resorts in Jamaica. Home to colourful coral reefs for diving and snorkeling, this is a place that will satisfy anyone looking for some of the best beach holidays in Jamaica. Also, the nearby Doctor’s Cave Beach and Flechers Cave Beach are two of the most popular, white sanded and spectacular beaches on the north coast of Jamaica. Home to a great amusement park as well, you are guaranteed to have a good time in Montego Bay regardless of looking for couples, singles or family holidays to Jamaica.


The spectacular and well varied backdrops and settings of Jamaica deserve of praise and definitely are amongst the main reasons why you should visit. The mainland of Jamaica is home to the majestic Blue Mountains, a great place to hike or bike and explore the stunning surroundings owed to Caribbean nature. Take a bamboo boat down the Martha Brae river or Rio Grande river and marvel at the surrounding rainforest views. For a change, you can also take a full day off the beach to visit the Blue Hole Mineral Spring and dive straight in or climb down the ladder and swim around this wonderful natural pool.

Family Attractions

Family holidays to Jamaica are always a great occasion to enjoy some of the best family activities and attractions that will keep everyone happy and wanting more. If you want to make your holidays in Jamaica stand out with an unforgettable experience, visit the Mystic mountain bobsled course and slide down the forest course or hop on the zip lines and get a magnificent view of the Ocho Rios resort and surrounding area. Visit the Kool Runnings or Pirates Island waterparks and splash in the pools and waterslides for a whole day of family fun under the Jamaican sun. Exploring the land and shores of Jamaica is great fun in itself, so booking for one of the boat or bus tours available throughout the resorts is a great opportunity to venture outside in the safety of an organised group and discover more of what Jamaica has to offer.

Food & Drink

Regardless of choosing to broaden your culinary horizon or staying true to your favourite dishes instead, holidays in Jamaica offer both. Jamaican cuisine is funky as it is tasty and this is represented well throughout the island’s restaurants. Spices and hot-sweet flavours are the norm in this intricate and hearty cuisine which is massively rewarding to those willing to venture outside their culinary comfort zone and try the local dishes. Try the staple ‘ackee and saltfish’ or the favourite and fast ‘stamp and go’ and gain a unique insight into the island’s life and culinary culture. If, however you are not persuaded to try those new tastes, rest assured that a multitude of restaurants can provide you with tasty and fresh international cuisine.

The weather in Jamaica ranging between 22 to 32 degrees throughout the year is simply the best for all year holidays. Mid-December to mid-April is the best season to visit as the weather is all sunny and warm, representative of holidays in Jamaica.

Accompong Maroon Festival

Celebrating Jamaica’s origins, this huge event taking place on the 6th of January is something definitely worthy of mention if not a visit during your holidays in Jamaica. Traditional singing and dancing takes centre stage and feasts keep on until the morning. The ceremonies hosted are a spectacle and it all comes to life with blowing of the ‘abeng’ or cow’s horn.

Bob Marley Week

Known as the birthplace of legendary reggae musician Bob Marley, Kingston celebrates his legacy and work each February with a week devoted to reggae culture. Concerts, movies and food festivals take place in honour of the king of reggae and make this occasion special.

The National Independence Float Parade and Grand Gala

‘Big up Jamaica!’ As the locals would say and what more could we add about this event. This day is devoted to celebrating Jamaica’s independence in 1962 and the streets of Kingston turn full of colour. Floats, costumed groups, marching bands and cheerful crowds take place in this festive occasion, making this an event to participate in and cherish long after your Jamaica holidays.

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4 reviews

Jamaica is a lovely place!! dont listen to people when they say you can't go out the hotel with out security as it is not true!! it is place to see and not to be missed. With lovely food and good weather.

Couldn't recommend it enough
We had no problems at all, great experience, people were lovely, i can't wait to go back!

an eye opener!
Wow, it's a bit of an eye opener visiting Jamaica. It's a great place, but a bit scary at times, you get security to go with you into the towns, don't go without them as it's kind of dodgy!

Emma H
A bit mixed on the trip
Didn't really leave the hotel at all, as we were advised not too. But the weather was great and the beaches were lovely.

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