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Cheap Holidays to Gran Canaria

Think beaches that stretch for miles along sparkling ocean and jaw dropping sand dunes combined with a great atmosphere and friendly locals, you’re on holidays in Gran Canaria. The third largest of the Canaries the island has is a firm favourite with Brits with specially designed resorts, great beaches and lots of activities. Find out more about family or couples holidays to Gran Canaria in consultation with the experts at Purple Travel. We offer the best deals on flights and hotels in Gran Canaria and throughout the Canaries.

Playa Taurito


Playa Taurito is a lesser known resort than some of its bigger neighbours. There's a handful of the most elegant Gran Canaria hotels tucked into the rugged volcanic cliffs that sit on the beachfront. Overlooking a friendly, sunny beach, this resort is one of the quietest so if you are looking for family holidays in Gran Canaria or a place to relax by the peace and quiet of the ocean, this is the place for you.


Playa del Ingles


Playa del Ingles, at the southernmost point of Gran Canaria is a purpose-built resort, full of apartment complexes, hotels, and nightclubs. In the summer it draws a mostly younger crowd looking to laze on the massive beach by day and party at night. There's a whole host of daytime activities which makes it a great family holiday choice too. The sand dunes by the coast provide a magnificent backdrop for a morning run by the ocean if you are so inclined. Moreover, if you prefer cycling you can always rent a bike and traverse the pathway extending to the nearby Maspalomas resort, while enjoying the soothing combination of the ocean breeze and Canarian sun.




Not too far from Paya del Ingles, Maspalomas is its sophisticated sister. Instead of superclubs and shopping malls it has first-class restaurants and designer boutiques not to mention a stunning strip of sand to relax on. If you don’t mind breaking the bank, the nearby Casinos offer you the chance to spend your holidays in Gran Canaria like a high roller. Head to the imposing 184 ft high Faro de Maspalomas nearby and visit the Maspalomas dunes; home to a magnificent lagoon and the La Charca bird sanctuary.




Flanked by dramatic mountains, Amadores, a newcomer on the resort scene, is a place for ultimate relaxation. You only have to see the beach to know this is true. As well as the beach you've got waterfront restaurants and a laid-back vibe which sets you for temporarily forgetting about the hassles of the outside world. The stunning Puerto de Mogan nearby is a town well worth of a visit and it is a go-to place if you want to take a stroll around its bougainvillea-adorned streets for a change of scenery. The Mondragon dream boat tour is amongst the best boat tours on the island and really close to Amadores, so have a look in case you want a unique experience for the whole family during your holidays in Gran Canaria.



Stepping out of the perfectly organised Gran Canaria hotels and resorts is always a good idea, as the nature of the island is distinctive and well worth exploring. Get one of the most rewarding views of the whole northern coast from a viewpoint in the pine forests of Caldera Pinos de Galdar or head to Roque Noble on a hike. If you want to reach even higher and discover the stunning natural settings of Gran Canaria, rent a car or buy a bus ticket to the majestic Pico de las Nieves. Gaze at the endless horizon encompassing the Atlantic Ocean and nearby islands and have a picnic while taking in the immense views this place has to offer. The natural wonders harboured in the volcanic settings of the island however do not end here as the Jardin Canario will suggest. This botanical garden is free to enter and houses a vast collection of over 500 plant species native to the Canary Islands and beyond.


Family Attractions


Get a taste of the Wild West at Sioux City, buffalos roam around in the zoo and cowboys perform extraordinary stunts. A family holiday favourite, the waterpark, can also be found in Gran Canaria at Aqualand. Kids of all ages will love splashing in the pools and whizzing down the slides. For animal encounters head to Palmitos Park and get up close with gibbons and exotic birds.


Shopping is well represented throughout the island, ranging from bazaars around Las Palmas filled with undiscovered handmade goods to the large Yumbo and Kasbah shopping malls in Playa del Ingles. No matter what your budget might be, Gran Canaria shops cater to all wallets and needs.

Summers are dry and hot here, reaching temperatures in the 30s while winter are mild. Spring and autumn are also great times to visit as the climate is pleasant and warm.

Fiesta del Carmen


This festival held in July which honours the Virgin Mary takes place around the whole island. Normally in the villages crowds hold a statue of Mary above their heads before setting her out to sea in fishing boats. After this the celebrations really begin and parties go on all through the night.


February carnival


Much like neighbouring islands, parties and parades can be found all over the island for the giant February carnival. Live performances and events elevate the spirit and make this a festive occasion not to be missed during your Gran Canaria holidays, if you happen to be there in February.


Easter Holy Week


During Easter, lively festivities and celebrations can be found all over the island and the rest of the Canaries. The processions that take place throughout the island see sacred icons and religious statues being carried on the streets, with an atmosphere combining religious delight to outright partying.


Gay Pride


Maspalomas explodes with colour every May for Gay Pride. Think dancing, parades and drag queen contests. The Pride festival of 2015 gathered over 100000 people, making it one of the biggest ever in the Canary Islands.


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4 reviews
We love Gran Canaria, it’s great fun and we’ve been back a few times. There’s plenty to see, lots of activities including the national park, and boat trips, not to mention the great beaches and the fabulous weather. Luv it.

Good for all ages.
Gran Canaria weather is really good all year around. Myself and my wife have visited in November and we find it very good, it’s not too hot. People are very friendly and it’s not so busy.

Great options there.
Lovely beaches, lots to see and do, and good transport. I’ve been going for years, and i’ll be going for a few more.

Gran Canaria
I was in Playa del Ingles last year and LOVED it. Best holiday ever. Such good fun, loads of people to meet, great bars and the beaches were brilliant.

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