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Are you looking for something a little more than sun, sea and sand? Then hop on a plane to Playa Dorada. This gorgeous resort is home to over a mile of soft, powder beaches, crystalline waters and sits in front of Mount Isabela. The local welcome is second to none and Puerto Plata nearby means there’s a whole lot of exploring to do right at your fingertips. Go to Playa Dorada with the cheapest flights to the Dominican Republic and hotels from Purple Travel.

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Reviews for Playa Dorada

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3 reviews
Excellent resort, very clean and tidy, lots of people around, entertainment was good fun, weather was great.

It was only ok.
It was fine, i don’t think i’d be rushing back there though. The hotel was fine but not relaly what i was expecting, food wasn’t great either.

playa dorada
When people are hassling you, just give them a firm no thanks, it should be enough to put them off.

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