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Take a dip in the ocean, try some snorkelling, have some rum, or laze in a hammock, if these are your ideas of a good time, check out the Caribbean island of Grenada. Famous for its exporting of nutmeg and mace, Grenada’s also known as the Island of Spice. So, if you're looking for a spicy holiday, look no further! Go to Grenada for your holiday with the best deals from Purple Travel. Call our holiday hotline now for more. 

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Reviews for Grenada

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Been meaning to write this for a while.
It wasn't the best of the caribbean islands. Was a bit disappointed in the becahes. It was ok waetherwise. I wouldn't be going back again.

Food and all was great
We had a lovely time, a very relaxed place, food was great, bit a hike to the Concord waterfall. A very relaxing few days. I'd go back again.

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