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Sosua is a quiet town in the north of the country that offers you the chance to completely get away from it all. There are plenty of beaches to choose from, including the Waterfront which was only created after a storm in 2002. You can try a bit of fishing, or water sports or simply have a cocktail and mingle with the big expat community that lives there. Book your holidays to Sosua now with our expert team at Purple Travel.

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Reviews for Sosua

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2 reviews
Great for kids
We found it was a very good choice for us. We were a little apprehensive, but were totally put at ease when we arrived and found gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal clear water... and the weather! I think we were just very lucky!

Lots of hassle outside the resort
So, we just stayed within the resort the whole time. It was great though, everything we needed, lovely beaches. Couple of nice excursions too, with snorkeling etc.

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