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Cheap Portugal Holidays

Portugal has countless cheap holiday destinations that cater for almost every taste. Perfect for a city break, it's just a short flight from the UK, so, why not check out the lively capital Lisbon, or the buzzing northern town of Porto. Alternatively, for the ultimate sun holiday, fly with us to Faro and walk the sun drenched streets of the Algarve. Wherever you choose to go, Portugal holidays will leave you amazed by beautiful landscapes and old-fashioned architecture. Book the best holidays to Portugal now with Purple Travel.



Albufeira is the biggest resort in the Algarve region with the best nightlife being nearby in Praia da Rocha. You'll also find charming smaller resorts like Carvoeiro and Lagos which is also renowned for its nightlife. The Algarve resorts are so diverse that there really is something for everyone on Algarve holidays, from purpose-built resorts to former fishing villages retaining their charm. The southern coast of Portugal also is home to some of the best golf courses in Europe with world class athletes honing their skills there.


In case you want to indulge in local history as well as live the local vibe at its fullest, a city break to Portugal and specifically Lisbon is highly recommended. The spectacular museums throughout the city are well worth the time and money to visit and Portugal’s colonial history is well documented and represented. Marvel at the majestic Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery or Sao Jorge Castle and partake in various activities around town. The nightlife in Lisbon is always something to look out for as bars, clubs and restaurants offer something for everyone who’s up for the good times.


The homeland of the famous Port wine, Porto, is Portugal’s second largest city and according to many, one of the most romantic. With roman ruins underneath its current buildings, 19th century town houses, high bell towers and a historic city centre protected by UNESCO, this place is perfect for indulging in local culture. Explore the cobblestoned old streets, the significant cultural museums and of course don’t forget to indulge in some wine tasting. After all, this is one of the prime destinations to breathe a little Portuguese spirit into your holidays.




Madeira is more exotic than the mainland owing to its location just off the north-west coast of Africa. The island is easily accessible and offers a great alternative when looking for Portugal holidays. Nicknamed the floating garden due to the national parks that make up two-thirds of the islands’ area, exotic plants thrive in the year-round sun. Hike or bike around the mountains, surf and windsurf by the coasts and take in Madeira’s stunning settings, warm weather and laidback temperament. What’s not to like?



The big draw of Portugal are the beaches providing soft sands and warm waters as well as a range of water sports and beach activities. For a touch of romance, couples should head to the Monte de Santa Luzia which can be reached by funicular, offering spectacular views of the Lima Valley. If you're a true nature-lover Madeira is the place to go for the lush, green mountain scenery. Visit Alvão natural park on the northern part of the country, with its rivers flowing between crags and cliffs and marvel at the Fisgas de Ermelo waterfalls. Last but certainly not least, a visit to the natural park of Ria Formosa close to Faro is a great opportunity to witness the spectacular Portuguese nature contrasting with the immense Atlantic Ocean views.


Family Attractions

On Portugal holidays you'll be stunned by the choice of family attractions on offer. You'll have access to all the usual beach-side activities as well as water parks, cruises, wildlife parks and bird-watching. For families that like to golf, the Algarve is the region for this. The courses around Vilamoura are extremely popular for golfing holidays while in Madeira you'll find the best opportunities for water sports and especially fishing. For culture lovers, many charming villages throughout Portugal are steeped in local history as are the cities such as Silves and Faro. For ultimate relaxation head to a spa resort and indulge in tranquil treatments. For families with young children, Lagos zoo makes a great day out as you can see chimps, monkeys, lemurs and lots more. For families who need to keep teens entertained, Ericeira is a great choice to get teens involved in a spot of surfing.




You'll find nightlife all over Portugal most of the lively Algarve resorts will have evening entertainment catering for all tastes while the big cities such as Lisbon and Porto have bars and clubs which leave you dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

Food & Drink


You shouldn't miss the chance to try Portuguese cuisine. It's similar to other Mediterranean diets but with its own twist. Try specialties such as chicken piri-piri, which is quite a spicy dish. Some of the preserves are also unique such as quince jam and the pastries are delicious. If heading to the cities - try a Francesinha in Porto, quite possibly the most calorific sandwich you will ever eat but well worth it. You'll find an abundance of fresh fish and seafood specialties along the coasts which you should definitely try. For drinking, Portugal is the home of Port so you should taste this if you can, there's also local beers and locally produced wines to taste.

Portugal’s climate varies according to region, elevation and season. The southern coast of Algarve has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters which is also affected on the northern parts by the Gulf Stream. Inland temperatures tend to be hotter during summer months and colder during the winter, giving way to the occasional snowfall. Overall, Algarve and Madeira are the warmest places to be all year round with temperatures rarely dropping under 8-9 degrees Celsius during the winter, whereas the gentle sea breeze helps cool down the warm days of summer.

Algarve Carnival


The months of February and March signify one of the most colourful occasions to be having your holidays to Portugal in as the Algarve Region bursts with life and colour. People dress up and hold street parades, parties and vibrant processions, signifying the beginning of spring and raising the spirits.


St. Anthony Festival


Another colourful and vibrant occasion to enjoy in Portugal are the celebrations of the country’s patron saint. Celebrated from June 12-14 each year, crowds gather on the streets and churches and celebrate by throwing street parties, dancing and lighting up the sky with fireworks. In case you want to get in on all the action, the capital, Lisbon, is the place to be.


Oceans Festival


Watch the streets and squares of Lisbon come alive from then end of July to mid-August as the Oceans Festival is a grand occasion celebrated with a multitude of cultural events. Music, art, theatre and other entertainments take centre stage, highlighting the country’s cultural offerings and providing a unique insight into the life and art of the Portuguese.


Portugal Masters


The Algarve region is host to some of the best golf courses in the world so if you happen to be amongst the ones who enjoy a good golfing match, book your holidays to Portugal around October. Hosted in the Algarve resort of Vilamoura, this prestigious golfing event attracts some of the biggest local and international names competing for the championship.


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