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Cheap Holidays to Paphos

Paphos holidays in Cyprus are a great investment for summer . Aside from the stunningly beautiful beaches, visitors to Paphos will find a vast array of activities, that's if you can tear yourself away from all that sun, sea and sand. Start with a visit to the ancient ruins of Paphos – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the historic temples and, tombs of kings and castles. In between expeditions you can take a break with an iced coffee (trust us, it's great) or rummage for a bargain in the flea markets of this relaxed and charming town. Book a cheap holiday in Paphos, Cyprus today with (ABTA member) Purple Travel and save on flights, hotels and transfers.

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Reviews for Paphos

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2 reviews
Bit of everything
There's something for everyone in Paphos. There's plenty of bars and restaurants in the middle of town, and it's quite built up. Lovely walks around the area and weather was good when we visited.

Would recommend
Very cheap and regular transport, beaches were lovely and the weather was exactly what we expected. We would definitely recommend Paphos.

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