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Cheap Mexico holidays

Mexico is one of the places you always dream of going, now it can become a reality with our amazing low cost offers. Great for a family getaway, increasingly popular as a honeymoon destination or the perfect choice for a relaxing sun drenched holiday, Mexico is one of our most popular destinations. Bordered by both the Pacific and Caribbean oceans, this historic country offers partying the night away, secluded beach getaways and facilities to rival any other. Try Cancun where you can relax by the pool after a spa treatment, sip cocktails and watch the sun go down as you admire your tan. Or why not venture a little further and see ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins that dot the countryside. Call Purple Travel now for our best offers on holidays to Mexico .


The all time party favourite of young Americans and exotic paradise of Cancun is amongst the most visited destinations in Mexico. Home to some of the best all inclusive resorts and stunning beaches, this is a destination for whatever you might require. Watersports and diving are the main things to do during your holidays in Cancun whereas its vibrant atmosphere and nightlife will surely keep you well entertained throughout the whole day. Close to some of the best preserved Mayan ruins, Cancun is bustling with history and things to see, making your Cancun holidays a full experience to remember.

Merida Yucatan

Not straying from the marvellous Yucatan peninsula, Merida, Yucatan state capital, is the place to be if you are looking for the perfect cross between relaxing, nightlife and visiting stunning historical and natural settings. In all, Merida is bustling with life with a wide array of bars, restaurants and nightclubs to choose from whereas its postcard perfect beaches are always inviting for a swim or practicing your favourite watersport. Also home to spectacular natural surroundings such as jungles and cenotes, holidays in Merida can’t get more interesting as the more you stay, the more you want to explore.

Mexico City

The capital of Mexico, Mexico City is a vibrant and engaging destination with thousands of things to see and do. The bars, clubs and restaurants along with vivid nightlife, make holidays in Mexico City an event full of opportunities without retracting anything from its cultural charm as in overdeveloped resort towns. Starting from the historic town centre and walking through the Chapultepec national park are some of the main things to do, whereas the very well organised and endowed museums of anthropology and Frida Kahlo are amongst the must visits. If you are more inclined to learn about history during your Mexico City holidays, then a visit to the Templo Mayor museum and National History museum should be put on your list.


The natural settings of Mexico have long been praised as some of the most diverse and beautiful around the world. Difficult as it is distinguishing between the many spectacles and settings, holidays to Mexico are always inviting and enticing. From the astonishing Mayan ruins dotted throughout the jungles of the Yucatan peninsula to the natural pools and unexplored cave systems, holidays in Mexico are amongst the best presents you could give to yourself and loved ones. The eastern shores washed by the Caribbean Sea are amongst the most spectacular surroundings that you will ever come across. Laze by one of the countless white sand beaches bejeweled with palm trees and tropical vegetation, whereas a dive into the crystal clear waters displays a wide array of coral reefs and colourful exotic fish.

Family Attractions

Family holidays in Mexico are always a good idea as the great weather and surroundings are amazing and engaging for everyone involved. Spend a full day in the Xel Ha eco-archological park and marvel in the sheer majesty of Quintana Roo’s natural surroundings paired with the heritage of the Mayan civilization that thrived on this part of Mexico. If you prefer an all inclusive experience, then the resorts in Cancun offer great deals with full amenities for the lucky ones to visit. The numerous beaches around Mexico’s shores make certain that you never run out of space to enjoy the sun, sea and sand whilst the museums in Mexico City are offering a wealth of knowledge for the whole family with their well maintained and extensive collections of works of art and artefacts. Family holidays in Mexico certainly have something for everyone so if you decide to visit the only thing you have to worry about is what to see first.

Food and Drink

The world renowned Mexican cuisine is at its finest here and what could be more reasonable as this is the home of many dishes now incorporated into international menus throughout the world. The all-time favourite enchiladas, burritos, tacos and nachos take a flavourful spin of their own in their country of origin and the Mexican passion with food shines through in any dish you might taste. Being a highly visited destination, Mexico never ceases to amaze with its array of restaurants serving any cuisine you might be after from Asian to African to European, making it an ideal destination for foodies. The local and also well-known tequila is the drink to quench your thirst and bring the spirits up, whereas mezcal is the drink to have if you are looking for something traditional, delightfully diverse and stronger.

The weather in Mexico varies significantly, from hot, dry desert-like weather on the northern parts to still hot but humid and wet on the southern. The average temperatures rarely drop too much, allowing you to visit during the whole year.

Festival de Mexico

Celebrating the culture and history of Mexico, this immense, 18-day long festival is amongst the things to see and do if you are planning on having holidays to Mexico City around March. Over 60 venues around the city host cultural events, parades, live performances and the sheer numbers of visitors and things to do are impressive to say the least.

Day of the Dead

Well known even outside of Mexico, the day of the dead is celebrated with fervour by Mexicans and internationals alike during the 1st and 2nd of November. Hailing from the indigenous traditions to which Mexico owes a large part of its culture, this day is devoted to celebrating the dead instead of mourning and the streets fill up with people and parades dressed up for the occasion.


The all favourite Carnaval is an event not to be missed. Various carnivals are held throughout Mexico with the most prominent being the ones in Mazatlan and Veracruz with Yucatan and especially Merida and Cancun following shortly after. The streets explode with colour as thousands of people gather to celebrate and take part in the festivities which include parades, floats, huge feasts and lots of dancing. Definitely the most colourful occasion to be on holidays in Mexico.


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fantastic holiday in mexico, saved a fortune

Thank you Caroline for organising our holiday to Mexico. We had a fantastic time and saved thousands by going through Purple Travel. Have recommended you to others and will certainly use again! Thank you!

Elaine & Tim
fantastic time in Greece

Dear Luca & Eleni, Just a quick note to say what a fantastic time we had in Greece at Rodos Palladium. Super hotel, really nice staff and you organised it really well. Thanks. Elaine & Tim

Relaxing time
Mexico is a great place, there's lots to see and do, friendly locals, hotel was good, enjoyed my stay there.

Loved every minute, such a gorgeous country, tonnes to do, weather was fab, no problems at all.

Nice resort
Playa Del Carmen was lovely. Me and my girlfriend loved the beach, and ate out a lot. Some of the food was great.

Learned to dive
I went diving in Cozumel and it was a great experience. The people were lovaly, beach was great. Couldn't fault it.

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