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Enjoying a balmy 30 degrees all year round, Gambia is the perfect place to go for some winter, or summer sunshine. Banjul holidays, right at the mouth of the Gambia River, offers a range of sunny beach resorts, combined with a hint of the wild nearby with birds, monkeys and other animals. Why not try a safari for a real holiday excursion with a difference? Book your holidays to Banjul in confidence with (ABTA member) Purple Travel.

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Reviews for Banjul

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Beautiful country - but very poor in parts
Gambian people are fantastic and so friendly, weather of course was amazing, but the local area, you can see is very poor. Lots of people asking for your money, so i would suggest getting a local hotel tour guide, for about £5 per day, well worth it in my opinion, stops the hassle. Lots of activities and amazing birds and wildlife.

What an exciting and different holiday I had to Banjul. It's a real eye-opener to be in the middle of Africa and see a totally different way of doing things. Obviously I would suggest you be a little extra carfeul, there are lots of people ready to hassle you, but no more than in many other resorts around the world. Banjul Museum is fantastic and I would recommend the whole place to anyone.

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