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Cheap Holidays to Agadir

A sprawling metropolis in the southwest of Morocco, cheap Agadir holidays offer something out of the ordinary. Right in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and a selection of national parks, there is incredible scenery and memorable activities on offer, like camel safaris or dune surfing. Thanks to its proximity to some great beaches, it's very popular with sun worshippers too who visit for the beautiful areas of Tamaounza or Imouran. On top of that, the busy cafes and bustling souks are well worth a look. You can be confident that cheap Agadir holidays will impress nature and culture lovers. Call Purple Travel now for our latest cheap Agadir holidays and save.

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Reviews for Agadir

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3 reviews
Was ok.
It's quiet in Agadir, not really like we expected. We didn't really venture too far in the evenings so can't comment ont he nightlife. there's not much to do, but a few nice shops etc. Marina is nice though.

Marina is lovely and quite new I think. Weather was great, my g/f loved it, guaranteed sunshine.

Not what we expected, but still great
We didn't really know what to expect, but Agadir didn't disappoint. It's a fairly laid back place, with a lovely beach and a beautiful promenade to walk along. Markets are well worth going to for a couple of bargains.

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